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What is HACCP?

HACCP actually stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It is a system devised to help butchers comply with safety regulations. It is to ensure that these products pose the least possible risk of illness or injury to the customer. Why do we need HACCP?
  • To help butchers comply with licensing and relevant legislation
  • To help protect butchers businesses and enhance their reputation
  • To help butchers provide evidence towards a due diligence defence
  • To help butchers protect their customers

How can a butcher comply with the current training requirements of the licensing legislation?
Simple. By successfully completing the Meat Managers Hygiene and HACCP Course. This course is currently available and being delivered by approved trainers in all areas.

At least one member of staff at supervisory level working within the shop must receive training to a level that will enable him/her to supervise food activities and the operation of a HACCP system within the business.

The Meat Managers Hygiene and HACCP Course will fulfil this requirement. (All other members of staff who are food handlers are also required to be trained to at least a basic food hygiene level.)
What do you get from the course?

1. A recognised qualification approved by RIPHH using training materials that conform to the National HACCP Training Standard.2. Successful completion of the course helps butchers comply with the law and develop a HACCP system for their premises.3. A simple easy to use system that enables the butchers and their staff to demonstrate compliance with legislation and commitment to food safety.There are two manuals available and can be ordered direct from Food Training International, click on the images for an application form.





Advert for Diversifying

Diversifying into on-farm processing or opening a farm shop?

Don't make expensive mistakes, contact Meat Training Council for advice

Or telephone on 07917 133208

Further information about courses can be found on the Meat Training website,






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